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I got in touch with Dr Rizwan through a friend’s referral, I have met many healthcare professionals in the past in different places in India and abroad, however I need to say that Dr Rizwan’s way of diagnosis, understanding patient’s symptoms/issues is simply commendable, he patiently listens and tries to get down to the root cause of the ailment, Besides being a good doctor he is a good human being and I am happy to see people like Dr Rizwan in Gulbarga, in this era of corporate hospitals and business minded healthcare service providers, Dr Rizwan is trying his best to treat medically untreated/failed cases in the most economic way possible, As our elders say “Healthcare and Education was never meant to be business in olden days, people used to get into these services in order to help the community”, I see this level of yeoman services being offered by Dr Rizwan today, You got to meet this person to understand what I am saying and why I am saying this only then you can co-relate to my thoughts, I am looking forward to see Dr Rizwan being recognized as the most successful healthcare service provider in the field of Homeopathy in Karnataka which again I should be saying will not be a surprise to most of the patients whom he has treated, Kind wishes and Many Thanks to Dr Rizwan.