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Common Misconceptions & Frequently asked questions about Homeopathy

Is there any Scientific Evidence for homeopathy??

While homeopathy is a 200 years old system of medicine practiced all over the world & as per WHO homeopathy is second largest widely practiced system of medicine after conventional allopathic system of medicine but there are many misconceptions surrounds this form of medicine. The one recently in news is that homeopathic medicine is ultra diluted with no drug substance left in dilution & it’s a placebo & has no curative effects. This misconception is the result of inaccurate trials or research work conducted by conventional medical scientists. Properly conducted trials keeping in mind basic homeopathic principles have shown that homeopathic medicine though ultra diluted has real curative effects. Homeopathic medicines are found to be effective on infants & animals where possibility of placebo effect does not exist. Contrarily to popular belief homeopathic medicines once properly selected & suits to your body act faster especially in acute diseases. In chronic complex conditions it may take time to select a suitable remedy that may require a couple of visits to homeopaths so that he can change the remedy if not effective to your suffering. Conventional drugs like anti-hypertensive & anti-diabetics etc can be used along with homeopathic medicines absolutely with no harm.

The Homeopath gives same white sugar pills for all types of can they be really effective??

The white sugar pills serve only as vehicles or carrier of homeopathic medicines. All homeopathic medicines are in liquid form which are dropped on these white sugar pills which absorb the liquid medicine & thus serve only as a carrier of homeopathic medicine which is being dropped on them ( out of  thousands of different homeopathic medicines)

Homeopathy is very slow acting can it cure my disease faster?

In fact a rightly given homeopathic medicine acts very fast sometimes faster than allopathic or other systems of medicine but in few patients take time to respond to given homeopathic medicine & hence few Medicines have to be tried & changed till a remedy suits to their constitution & body.

following factor determine How fast homeopathic medicine acts,1.Nature of disease acute or chronic & its progress 2.Patients vitality & responsiveness to homeopathic medicine 3.Skill,experience & knowledge of treating Homeopath.

One has to follow strict diet while on homeopathic medicines?

There are few substance which interfere with the action of homeopathic medicines but it all depends on individual patients & most of the patient benefit from homeopathy irrespective of any strict diet & regimen & homeopathic treatment is much more flexible & patient friendly than any other system of medicine.

Homeopathy cannot be used in diabetic patients?

No, Homeopathy can be used in diabetic patients too as the amount of sugar in a homeopathic vehicles in the form of small pills is significantly less & in severe case homeopathic medicine can be given through other vehicle.

Are there really no side effects of homeopathic medicines?

Generally there is no side effects of homeopathy if prescribed carefully by a skilled homeopath after going through all the details of the case. Unlike allopath homeopathic medicines don’t produce harmful & undesirable side effects when properly prescribed.