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Homeopathy is an effective, safe & affordable system of medicine.

According to WHO Homeopathy is the second largest system of medicine which is widely used across the world in almost all the countries of this world. Homeopathy is a system of medicine based on natural principle of cure where body’s self-healing mechanism is stimulated to cure different types of diseases effectively, on a deeper level, naturally without harmful side effects even many of the diseases considered incurable & surgical in conventional allopathic medicine. Contrary to conventional allopathic medicines homeopathic medicines target core or central healing mechanism of human body to provide all round deeper health & wellbeing on physical, mental & emotional plane. Dr.Samuel Hahnemann, A high scholar & qualified (MD) in Allopathic (conventional) Medicine founded homeopathy as he felt need for a system of medicine which can provide more deeper, long lasting, natural, safe & holistic cure to different, especially chronic diseases of mankind. Homeopathy is the result of more than 50 yrs of research work which continued throughout his lifetime .After him many highly qualified Allopathic physicians & surgeons of western countries like Dr.James Tylor Kent (USA),Dr.Constantine Hering (USA) & many more contributed to the growth of homeopathy throughout world as second most widely used system of medicine after allopath in the entire world.