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Online Consultation

High quality online consultation (call & video call) with safe hassle free “Home Delivery” of medicines within city, whole India & abroad.

We provide sophisticated online consultation & treatment services to our patients.
Patients can chat,talk & interact with doctor through a voice call, video call etc. If needed all necessary tests & examinations can be carried out at local laboratory & clinics where patient resides.Based upon homeopathic detailed case taking medicines can be sent to doorstep of patients through courier.
Throughout the treatment patient can personally chat or call doctor for any complaints & progress.

COVID-19 instructions for patients visiting clinic

Dear patients/attenders/friends,

Due to COVID-19 (corona) pandemic we are taking some precautionary measures for your own safety & well-being, I request all of you to follow these guidelines:

1. If you want to consult first call your doctor over call or video call to give details of your complaints, detailed history to doctor.

2. After looking at your complaint & its nature doctor will give you time to visit clinic for brief necessary check up & taking medicines.

3. Don’t accompany unnecessary people,small kids with you , only one attender per patient is allowed except in some special conditions.

4. If possible try to avoid bringing physical copies of your reports/investigations files.Send these through WhatsApp or email before coming to clinic.

5. Wear mask or cover your mouth nose with a piece of large cloth properly

6. Wash your hands before coming to clinic.

8. Don’t touch anywhere unnecessarily.

9. Follow all safety guidelines as instructed by clinic receptionist after entering clinic.

10. Don’t spit around or in front of clinic.

All these precautions & new rules are framed only for your & your family’s safety & good health please follow all these guidelines without fail.

Warm Regards.
Dr.Rizwan Ali.