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The adolescent period is one of the important transition period in the life of any individual this period is from the age of thirteen to nineteen and is named as teenage period. Maximum physical development of the internal and external organism of the body is attained. Major physiological changes meant for teenage period are fast and completed at the end of this period.

During this transition period an individual undergoes several physical & mental changes & how well an adolescent handles these changes & problems associated with it most of the time decides his /her future & success in life as high schooling,pre-university education & pursuing higher education & career is mostly done in this period of transitiion especially in indian context.

As Socrtes, A Great philosopher said “Know Thyself” i.e.know yourself.If we know about ourselves ,our emotions,reactions,thoughts,behaviour then its more easier for us to control,balance ourselves in a better way so let us know the psychology & mind of an adolescent.

The adolescent is nervous and unsteady in sudden and major physical changes. We can see an appreciable intelligence, thinking power, logical reasoning and understanding the environment. The adolescent is rich in memory, perceiving things, concept formation, association, generalization, imagination and decision making. Questioning on most of the things is prevalent but becomes satisfied in approval and recognition of his views. It is a period of joy and happiness and does not want to miss what he aspires. Sometimes he is in moods and bursts in tears instantly. Emotional development is at peak. Thus, there is no emotional stability in general.

Socially, the group feeling is at its maximum and wants to shine in the group. There is a natural ability to understand the feelings of others. There is the eagerness for opposite sex. Ego centered behaviour but with some adjustable nature in character can be seen. The adolescent follows the social norms and practices. There is a moral fear for God and heaven.

 Problems of adolescents:

i) Emotional tension:

Emotional development is at maximum and unstable. Self respect and personal pride make the individual emotionally bad. He expects the things to be done as he aspires.

ii) Personal appearance:

This is a significant problem. The adolescent is much worried about the appearance with modern and latest life style at any cost.

iii) Emancipation:

It is the ambition for freedom from parental sovereign. The individual hates control of the parents. He seeks identity to himself.

iv) Economic independence:

This is another problem of economic independence. Money from parents for personal expense is a major problem.

v) Social adjustment:

One has to face a lot of adjustment problems. The most difficult problem is related to social adjustment outside the family and to peer group.

Advise to adolescents related to education & career issues-

Try to control your negative emotions like anger,hatred,jealousy & over excitement etc.

Never allow your adolescent passion ,excitement ,sociability,enjoyment to take a toll on your education.Learn to balance & learn to be more practical.

Always take well informed decisions about higher education & career as decisions taken now have great impact or even decides your whole life!

Dont have any confusion regarding career choices having a well set clear goal helps to direct all energy in a right direction for better outcome.

Homeopathic Management of adolescence disorders:

Homeopathy according to WHO( world health organisation) is a second largest system of medicine across the world after conventional allopathic medicine.Homeopathy  works by   stimulating the body’s innate healing powers to combat different disease  conditions. Homeopathy can stimulate an individual’s  self-healing powers which helps in improving the overall health & wellbeing of patients. Homeopathy takes into account overall mental,physical,social,intellectuall aspects  of disease to select a drug suitable to each individual patient & hence promoting  innate vitality or natural healing power of body & leading to overall ,holistic health irrespective of name of disease.Consult your nearest classical homeopath who analyses you  systematically taking into account all his symptoms,past history,family history,child’s behaviour,food habits,sleep,appetite etc. to select an individalised homeopathic medicine which deeply harmonises the vital dynamics of body.




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