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How to identify a genuine homeopath ?- A patient’s guide

Like in conventional & other types of medicines there are quacks in homeopathy too. There are a few suggestions to patients which might help them in identifying genuine homeopaths.

  1. A genuine homeopath may take a detailed history of your major & minor illnesses. He may inquire into your personal details like your cravings & aversions for different foods, tolerance to heat & cold, your sleep, dream, appetite, bowel movements. Your behavioral & emotional aspects with family & past history of your health problem.
  2. A genuine homeopath may analyze your case & symptoms by referring a book or computer software.
  3. A genuine homeopath gives a single, simple well proven homeopathic drug that can be found in accepted homeopathic literature.
  4. A genuine homeopath honestly tells you the scope & limitations of homeopathy in your case & who never gives you 100% guarantee (though many so-called incurable diseases are cured with homeopathy but no homeopath can give 100% Guarantee as it’s against scientific spirit) in cases of complicated chronic incurable diseases by charging a huge sum of money.